Horten has advised Carlsberg Byen on the construction, financing and transfer of UCC Campus Carlsberg from NCC (contractor) to Carlsberg Byen (owner) and from Carlsberg Byen to University College UCC, which will become the lessee of UCC Campus Carlsberg for a 30-year period.

University College UCC can then start to move in at UCC Campus Carlsberg and its approx. 56,000 m2. UCC Campus Carlsberg will open in September as an advanced educational institution with approx. 10,000 researchers, students and consultants and a staff of 1,000 people and will be one of the largest educational and research environment in Europe within the educational field.

UCC Campus Carlsberg is established under the auspices of a public-private partnership (PPP), and prior to the transfer, Horten provided advice on the strategy, the optimal financing structure, the framework of the PPP, prepared and negotiated contracts, was in dialogue with the authorities involved and provided legal project management.


Lars Lüneborg