In February, the Municipality of Helsingør selected the OK Foundation as cooperation partner in connection with the building of a new nursing home in Hornbæk.

On 9 February 2016, the Municipality of Helsingør and the OK Foundaton entered into a contract on the new nursing home in Hornbæk. The OK Foundation, together with the Municipality of Helsingør, will build the nursing home, which is expected to be ready in the spring of 2019. The OK Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation with wide experience in the nursing home area, is also to run the new nursing home via the so-called 'in-house model'.

The two competitors, the OK Foundation and Danish Deacon Homes, were selected based on a market survey of their experience in building and running nursing homes as well as recommendations from other municipalities. After the competition process was completed, the OK Foundation was selected as cooperation partner.

Horten has assisted the Municipality of Helsingør throughout the process, including with the drafting of the overall contractual basis and advice in connection with the competition between the OK Foundation and Danish Deacon Homes.


Andreas Christensen

Partner (H)