11 of Denmark's leading experts within marketing law have established the Danish Association for Marketing Law. The association's first arrangement will take place on 3 May and focus on hidden advertising.

The association was established on 15 January 2016 as a broad forum for discussion of subjects pertaining to marketing law. The initiators are 11 legal experts within marketing law representing the legal profession, the academic world, the business community, interest groups and the Consumers' Ombudsman.

The object of the association is to increase knowledge of marketing law. At the same time, it is a forum for professional dialogue and national and international cooperation between lawyers and other parties working with or having an interest in marketing law.


The association will arrange lectures and conferences on subjects pertaining to marketing law.
The first arrangement will take place on 3 May 2016, and the subject will be hidden advertising.
The arrangement will take place at the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen.

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Caroline Heide-Jørgensen, Professor, LLD., PhD. The University of Copenhagen (chairman)
Michael Hopp, Partner, Plesner (deputy chairman)
Lars Hammer-Jespersen, Senior Consultant, Dansk Industri
Benedikte Havskov Hansen, Head of Legal Affairs, HK Danmark
Søren Sandfeld Jakobsen, Professor, PhD., the University of Aalborg
Heidi Steen Jensen, Partner, Horten
Aslaug Kleve, Head of Development, Kreativitet & Kommunikation
Jane Frederikke Land, Attorney, Plesner
Sebastian Rosenkjær, Legal Consultant, TV2 Danmark
Frederik Stege, Attorney, Egmont
Jan Trzaskowski, Associate Professor, PhD., the Copenhagen Business School