This is a brief update on current affairs at the Danish gambling market.

The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has now announced information about the pro-cedure and the requirements for renewal of the five year online casino and betting li-censes, which will expire on 31 December 2016. This will affect most Danish licensees.

The DGA’s first information regarding details of the procedure and the requirements for license renewal can be found in the DGA’s newsletter no. 30, available here.

In order for the DGA being able to issue the renewed licence with effect from 1 Janu-ary 2017, the application must be submitted no later than 15 September 2016. Howev-er, the DGA will handle applications on an on-going basis, and they encourage to sub-mit an application earlier.

The license renewal is subject to an application fee to the DGA of DKK 104,700 (approx. EUR 14,100) for one license and DKK 130,900 (approx. EUR 17,500) for a combined li-cense. 

Below are examples of information which have to be included in the application for a li-cense renewal. It is further specified in the DGA’s newsletter no. 30.

1. General information:

  • The applicant's name, address, category of licenses to be renewed etc.

2. Information, which was submitted in 2011, and which must be updated when applying for a renewal of a license. Examples include:

  • Refusal or revocation of licenses in other jurisdictions in the period from September 2011 until submission of the application for licence renewal
  • Annex A’s with updated appendices for members of the manage-ment, who have not been replaced in the period from September 2011 until submission of the application for licence renewal. This in-cludes criminal records, statement of debts etc.

3. Information, which documents the licensee's compliance with certain parts of Danish gambling legislation. Examples include: 

  • Procedures for the licensee's update of data, documents and in-formation regarding the players
  • Procedures regarding anti money-laundering (AML), including an overview of cases where the licensee has identified and disproved a suspicion of money-laundering
  • Procedures for compliance with marketing rules in Danish gambling legislation

4. Information, which documents certain matters concerning the licensee's provision of gambling in Denmark. Examples include:

  • Overview of the ownership structure of the licensee showing all companies with an ownership interest exceeding 10 % of the licen-see
  • Overview of internal and external subcontractors who provide ser-vices necessary for the licensee's provision of gambling services, including payment systems, games, KYC, gaming platforms, SAFE, etc.
  • Information on the different games provided by the licensee, in-cluding a short description of how the player plays the game

The DGA will go through the application procedure and requirements in details at a meeting on 30 May 2016 in Copenhagen.