The commercial foundation Middelgrundsfonden, which is to own, renovate and develop the old sea fort in the Oresund, is a reality, and the work of the board of trustees is well under way

At the initiative of the Danish Guide and Scout Association, the Nordea Foundation has established the commercial foundation Middelgrundsfonden, which has acquired Middelgrundsfortet, the world's largest artificial island without abutment. Following comprehensive renovation, the sea fort is to create a setting for the development of children and young people.

The foundation is closely related to the Danish Guide and Scout Association. The board of trustees is thus appointed by the Danish Guide and Scout Association and the KFUM-Scouts of Denmark and, according to its statutes, the foundation is to base its work on fundamental scouts' values.  

Horten has advised on the organisation of the activities, including the aspects of foundation law, the drafting of the legal documentation concerning the commercial foundation Middelgrundsfonden, the establishment procedure and the acquisition of Middelgrundsfortet.

Middelgrundsfonden formally took over the sea fort on 1 April 2015.


Jim Øksnebjerg