On 9 October 2014, the Danish Minister of Health introduced a legislative proposal with the purpose of “modernizing the pharmacy sector”. The proposal will bring a number of fundamental changes to how the pharmacy sector is organized. Furthermore, the proposal will limit the types of products that may be sold by pharmacies. Accordingly, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority (“DHMA”) will issue a list of the product types, which may – and may not – be sold from pharmacies. 

On 19 December 2014, the DHMA submitted its draft list to the Danish Parliament’s Health Committee. The list is rather interesting, as a number of product types, which are currently sold in pharmacies, will have to be removed from the shelves. Examples of such products are assistive devices e.g. devices to open tin cans, books, health sandals, foods (apart from food supplements) and certain types of cosmetics.

Apart from restricting the pharmacies’ turnover, the list will have implications for the suppliers of the products, which may no longer be marketed from pharmacies. 

The new act is scheduled to enter into force on 1 July 2015.