In few months, Aquaporin has been able to attract millions from Danica Pension and new Chinese partners. Horten has assisted the Cleantech company with the transactions.

On 29 January 2015, the pension company Danica Pension invested a three-digit million amount in the Danish Cleantech company Aquaporin which has developed a technology making it possible to filter and clean impurities from water so that it becomes clean drinking water.

In December 2014, Aquaporin concluded an agreement with two Chinese partners, Heilongjiang Interchina Water Treatment and Poten Environment, both already operating on the Chinese market for water cleaning. The total investment of these two companies amounts to USD 19.5 million distributed on existing and new shares. Together with Aquaporin, the Chinese investors further established a joint venture to promote Aquaporin's cleaning technology in China.

"The cooperation with the Chinese partners was the first step towards a more extensive production. The investment from Danica Pension means that the conditions for proceedings with projects such as desalting of seawater, household applications, cleaning systems for the food industry and the aerospace industry are very favourable", says Søren Bjørn Hansen, chairman of the board of Aquaporin and COO of M. Goldschmidt Capital A/S. He continues:

"With strong investors like our Chinese partners Interchina and Poten, Danica Pension and M. Goldschmidt Holding A/S, Aquaporin has the right support in order to focus on developing the business further within a few years for the purpose of realizing the enormous potential that the company holds."

Aquaporin was established in 2005 and employs 36 persons today. Horten has assisted Aquaporin with the transactions and has been the company's legal advisor since the formation.


Jim Øksnebjerg