In the so-called Doing Business report published annually by the World Bank, local experts are weighting the business climate from 185 countries across the world. Partner Jim Øksnebjerg contributes to the report with insight into investor protection in Denmark.

For the past six years, attorney Jim Øksnebjerg has reported on the Danish rules of importance to the protection of minority investors, including in listed companies.

The report covers questions of majority with regard to different types of resolutions at general meetings, including resolutions to change shareholder rights, questions concerning minority shareholders' possibilities of objecting to resolutions at general meetings or in the board of directors, questions of legal capacity, camouflaged distribution of funds to certain shareholders or their connected persons, directors' liability and liability to shareholders.

The report is included in the World Bank's annual survey of national conditions for carrying on business. The survey includes 189 countries in total. 


Jim Øksnebjerg