The new Executive Order on special contributions in relation to especially contaminated waste water came into force on 17 October 2014 (Executive Order no. 1120 of 15 October 2014).

The Executive Order contains rules on how the contamination content in especially contaminated waste water from each property must be calculated, and how waste water companies are to estimate expenses, income and saved expenses.

In addition, there are requirements for the information to be provided by each company in connection with the final calculation of the special contribution to be paid by each company.

According to the Executive Order, waste water companies must ensure no later than 1 December 2014 that the payment regulation is in accordance with the rules of the Executive Order, and no later than 31 December 2014, the municipal council must approve the payment regulations in accordance with the Executive Order.

The time limits to ensure compatibility with the rules of the Executive Order are therefore very short and should already at this time give rise to each waste water company investigating whether there is a need for adjusting the current payment regulations.

The Danish Nature Agency has made a proposal on how to change the payment regulation if it corresponds to the standard regulation.


Line Markert


Henriette Soja


Marie Bockhahn

Specialist Attorney