The book "Green Claims" provides a pan-European survey of the legal framework for using "green claims" in the course of marketing foodstuffs. One of Horten’s specialist within food law, Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn, is the Danish contributor. 

Green Claims is published by Food Lawyers Network Worldwide, an exclusive international network of legal experts within food legislation. “Green claims” is the term used for a category of claims that companies use in order to signal their commitment to protecting the environment, the well-being of animals, and the enhancement of fair trade.

Even though green claims are often of an impact to the consumer’s purchase decision, which is comparable to that of nutrition and health claims, EU lawmakers have not (yet) introduced a “Green Claims Regulation”. Therefore, - at least in most jurisdictions - green claims are merely subject to the general ban on misleading consumers. This “Green Claims” book from members of the Food Lawyers Network Worldwide provides a detailed account of each country’s approach to green claims.