Eight of Horten's attorneys are now certified IT attorneys. Three of these are also certified as legal experts within IT disputes. This means that Horten has one of Denmark's strongest teams of advisers within IT law. 

To become a certified IT attorney, you are required to have comprehensive knowledge within IT law. Further, the certification requires a minimum of 500 hours each year advising on IT law to ensure that the attorney also possesses technological insight and in-depth knowledge on the market practice and custom.

Consequently, the IT attorney has experience in identifying and handling both risks and opportunities in relation to IT projects.

Certification as an IT attorney is provided by the Association of Danish IT Attorneys, which is the trade organisation of Danish attorneys primarily involved in IT and telecommunication.

In Denmark, 60 IT attorneys have obtained certification. Of these, eight are employed with Horten.


IT deliveries often give rise to disputes. Such disputes often have major consequences in terms of finances and resources for both parties and often drag out for years in the legal system. In co-operation with the Danish IT Industry Association, Danske IT and the Danish Institute of Arbitration, the Association of Danish IT Attorneys has recently developed a new tool for the settling disputes providing that IT disputes may be settled in a faster and less expensive way than via the ordinary legal system. The tool provides that legal and technical experts are appointed to be responsible for settling the dispute.

Three of Horten's attorneys are among the 30 attorneys in Denmark having been certified by the Association of Danish IT Attorneys as legal experts in relation to the new dispute settlement tool.

These certifications manifest Horten's position within IT having one of Denmark's strongest advisory teams.

For information on the eight certified IT attorneys, see below.  The three attorneys certified as legal experts within IT disputes are: Mads Nygaard Madsen, Michael Goeskjær and Charlotte Kunckel.


Mads Nygaard Madsen


Michael Goeskjær