The parties behind the energy settlement (the Government, the Liberal Party, the Danish People's Party, the Danish Conservative Party and the Red-Green Alliance) have agreed on the financing procedure concerning the offshore wind farm Horns Rev III. The Danish Energy Agency has therefore published the final tender specifications for Horns Rev III. The tender deadline is 16 February 2015.

With the publication of the final tender specifications, the four pre-qualified tenderers (DONG Energy, Vattenfall, Statoil and E.On) now have the final basis for submitting their tenders for the construction of the offshore wind farm.

The publication is made after some uncertainty as to the financing of the offshore wind farm as the European Commission has prohibited the Danish government from financing the project with the PSO energy taxes. The parties behind the energy settlement have therefore agreed on finding a long-term solution to the financing with effect from 1 January 2017. Consequently, they have set up an interdepartmental working committee, which is to present specific financing solutions no later than at the beginning of March 2015.


  • The offshore wind farms Horns Rev are located in the North Sea next to Blåvandshuk.
  • Horns Rev I of 160 MW was commissioned in 2002.
  • Horns Rev II of 209 MW was commissioned in 2009.
  • Horns Rev III will be of 400 MW.
  • According to the plan, the farm will start producing electricity in 2017, and the entire farm will be completed in 2020.
  • 400 MW will provide electricity to 400,000 households.


Søren Hornbæk Svendsen