Annelouise Dalgaard Pedersen has been elected among Talent 100 by Berlingske Business Magasin. Each year, the magazine elects 100 of the most notable Danish talents who have achieved great results at an early age.

Annelouise Dalgaard Pedersen started at Horten as a student in 2006 while finishing her studies at the University of Copenhagen. Today, she is an important part of Horten's EU, Public Procurement and Competition team.

"I am being challenged constantly. Both professionally and because it is all about making people move. I am happy when all parties involved in a tender procedure express that they have received a fair treatment. That gives me a feeling of having added value to the process", says Annelouise Dalgaard Pedersen to Berlingske Business Magasin.

That she adds value to the process is reflected in her results time after time, says partner Andreas Christensen:

"Annelouise works determinedly on project management and control in a business and vis-à-vis a client segment which does traditionally not consider the attorney to be the driving force of various processes. Her approach to the legal craft is innovative, and she acts with commitment resulting in constant development and improvement of the solutions."