In a judgment delivered by the Danish Supreme Court on 3 September 2013 in a case concerning copyright and design rights to a cafetière produced by Bodum (Peter Bodum A/S), the court ruled that The Greefield Group held an indefinite right to sell the cafetière under its own trademarks outside France, thereby limiting Bodum's intellectual property rights.

The case concerns a transfer agreement according to which Bodum purchased a French company in 1991, which had developed a cafetière, and Bodum thereby acquired the copyright and design right to the cafetière. 

However, the agreement included a clause giving rise to interpretive uncertainty as to whether the previous principal shareholder of the French company was subsequently entitled to produce and sell the same cafetière outside France. 

The Supreme Court found that the agreement, which was to be interpreted according to French law, contained an indefinite right for the previous principal shareholder, today The Greenfield Group, to produce the cafetière outside France. 

The Greenfield Group was represented by attorney Anders Valentin from Horten.