The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority recently decided to reduce by 36 % the fee charged by Nets in connection with Internet transactions. The decision was made in continuation of another decision from November 2012, according to which Nets was ordered to reduce the fee. The decision will have financial importance for web shops as well as consumers trading on the Internet.

It means that in the future, Nets - being the provider of Dankort - cannot charge fees exceeding an average of DKK 1.20 in connection with web shop transactions.

For a long time, Nets has been charging a higher fee of DKK 1.90 from web shop owners each time a consumer paid using Dankort. The decision will have great financial importance for the still increasing number of web shops.

The rules on fees charged in connection with the use of Dankort appear from the Payment Services Act stipulating that such fees must be reasonable, and the Competition and Consumer Authority has now determined that a fee of an average of DKK 1.90 is not reasonable.

According to the Director General, Agnete Gersing, the decision must also ensure that Nets will not exploit its status as the only provider of Dankort by charging unreasonably high fees for the use of the card on the Internet.

In many cases, web shops have chosen to charge its customers for the fee charged by Nets, and the decision will therefore not only have great importance for the web shops, but also directly for the many users of the Internet buying goods and services more and more frequently.

The case was brought before the Authority by the Danish E-commerce Association (FDIH). The change must be implemented no later than 1 July 2013.

Nets has complained about both cases and, in addition, Nets is probably facing a claim for damages of approx. DKK 173 million equivalent to Nets' excess charge since 2008.