Attorney Jonas Stig Kämpf Hansen and attorney Egil Husum have both been certified as IT attorneys. Horten's IT law group now counts six certified IT attorneys. The certification is provided by the association of Danish IT Attorneys for the purpose of ensuring a high professional level and solid experience within IT law among the certified attorneys. In Denmark, 61 IT attorneys have obtained certification.

The Personal Data Act and processing of personal data

Egil Husum assists companies in ensuring that their processing of personal data complies with the Personal Data Act. Egil provides advice on the personal data requirements when applying HR systems, transferring personal data to other companies or to countries outside the EU or for marketing purposes. Egil's advice focuses on practical proposals for the further work by way of e.g. registrations with the Danish Data Protection Agency, data processing agreements, observance of the duty of disclosure, obtaining of consent, data cleansing activities or strengthening of IT security.

Outsourcing of IT operation, licence agreements and supply of IT services

Jonas Stig Kämpf Hansen assists companies with the contractual management of outsourcing of IT operations, procurement and delivery of IT systems, conclusion of licence agreements, supply of IT services and other challenges in relation to IT operation. As a supplement to this law degree, Jonas has a bachelor's degree in computer science, and with his technical insight he thoroughly understands the company's IT requirements.

The IT law group consists of six certified IT attorneys

In addition to Jonas Stig Kämpf Hansen and Egil Husum, the IT law group consists of partner Mads Nygaard Madsen, partner Michael Goeskjær, partner Hans Abildstrøm and junior partner Heidi Steen Jensen. The group provides advice to both public and private clients within all areas of IT law.