Niels Schiersing, partner at Horten, has published a book on reinsurance. The book is a legal analysis of a number of central issues relating to reinsurance and is the first of its kind in Scandinavia.

No legislation regulating reinsurance

Reinsurance is imperative for the insurance market. In the past 10-15 years, we have witnessed gigantic insurance cases on a national and international level - such as WTC and Hurricane Katrina in the USA, the nuclear accident and tsunami in Japan and the cloudbursts in Denmark in July 2011. No legislation regulates reinsurance, and it is therefore the general principles of law that apply. On a Scandinavian level, however, there is almost no case law, and as a legal discipline reinsurance has so far only been described in American and English legal literature. In Denmark - as well as in Norway and Sweden - it has therefore been necessary to consider case law in the USA and England to assess the outcome of a given case.

Legal analysis of reinsurance from a Scandinavian perspective

With his book 'Reassurance' (Reinsurance), Niels Schiersing provides an aggregate overview and thorough legal analysis of this important area of insurance from a Scandinavian perspective. The knowledge is very useful for players on the insurance market in relation to concluding future contracts as well as construing future and present contracts.

The book is relevant for all insurance companies in Scandinavia, insurance brokers and all lawyers dealing with insurance and reinsurance. The book is also of interest to associations and organisations within insurance and pension and the political supervision of the area.

Reinsurance is published today by Djøf Publishing

The book is in Danish and is published today by Djøf Publishing. The book is volume 1 of 2. Volume 2 will be published during 2013. The book will be edited and published in an English version during the year.

About the author

Niels Schiersing is a lawyer and partner and has for many years specialised in international dispute resolution. Niels Schiersing is specialised in international arbitration concerning investment protection, M&A and shareholder issues, energy, trade, construction and infrastructure as well as insurance and reinsurance.

Niels Schiersing is a certified mediator and arbitrator in Denmark and Fellow at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London (FCIArb) and is presumably the leading Danish authority within UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and UNCITRAL Model Law on Arbitration.