Horten strengthens the partner group and the firm's focus on the interaction between the public and private sector by admitting Rikke Søgaard Berth as partner.

Rikke Søgaard Berth has been admitted as equity partner with effect from 1 January 2013. Rikke was employed as junior partner with Horten in 2010, and ever since she has been one of Horten's major driving forces especially within the supply sector and in relation to municipal companies.

Rikke has wide experience in giving advice to clients acting in heavily regulated areas, including on the interaction between the public sector and the private market. From her previous employment with the Ministry of Justice, Rikke has in-depth knowledge of the public sector. She is specialised in supply law, but also advises municipalities, municipal communities and municipal companies on other matters, including the rules on municipal companies.

Since 2010, Rikke has assisted the water sector on behalf of DANVA and conducted complaints of general public importance before the Danish Competition Appeals Tribunal in connection with the Water Division's fixing of price caps for water and sewage companies. In addition, Rikke has assisted with the preparation and implementation of extensive mergers within the supply sector, e.g. in connection with the formation of HOFOR (Hovedstadsområdets Forsyningsselskab).

Rikke is co-author of "Kommunale aktieselskaber" ("Municipal public limited companies") and has commented on the Water Sector Act on behalf of Karnov. For a number of years, Rikke has also been an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, and she holds courses on municipal law, municipal companies, the Water Sector Act, etc.

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Rikke Søgaard Berth