Employment Law News, 2nd half of 2012

Dear reader of Employment Law News

In terms of legislation, the second half of 2012 has not provided us with any exciting news, not even the anticipated bill on the implementation of the directive on temporary agency work. The Ministry of Employment has stated that the bill would be introduced in December. We are keenly awaiting the bill and will issue a newsletter and invite you to a meeting as soon as the bill is adopted.

Fortunately, case law has given us exciting news. In November/December, the Supreme Court delivered two rulings on the Part-Time Act and the Act on Fixed-Term Employment. The high-profile case concerning Restaurant Vejlegården was decided upon by the Industrial Court (but the outcome was predictable), and in September, the Supreme Court found that public servants could be seconded to 100 % privately owned companies. We have informed you about these and many other exciting news on a current basis You can find our newsletters on Horten's website: horten.dk/nyheder.

In this newsletter, we will primarily focus on the Supreme Court rulings on the Part-Time Act and discrimination due to handicap as the Advocate General has recently submitted statements in two Danish cases. We will also describe three decisions from the Board of Equal Treatment showing that an extended concept of wage earner applies in relation to equal treatment and discrimination.

At the same time, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

On behalf of the Employment Law Group

Erik Wendelboe Christensen

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Erik Wendelboe Christiansen