Partner Nina Henningsen and Attorney Mikkel Taanum are the authors of the Denmark chapter of this book on international gaming law.

Written by leading gaming lawyers globally, Gaming Law provides, for the first time, an up-to-date inter-jurisdictional desktop reference text on gaming law in 27 jurisdictions. It serves as a starting point for understanding the regulatory and legal framework of land based and online gaming whilst also providing a comparison of the varied approaches to this area of law by disparate jurisdictions.

Among other topics this Denmark chapter of Gaming Law adresses:

  • Overview of the Danish gaming market
  • The current legal status of gambling in Denmark
  • The Danish legal definition of gambling, landbased gambling and online gambling
  • Regulation of gambling in Denmark
  • Tax regime applicable to landbased and online gambling
  • Advertising of gambling
  • Social gaming


Nina Henningsen


Other authors: Julian Harris and Harris Hagan et al.