20 November 2015

Bill to amend the Act on recovery of debt adopted after SKAT's problems with EFI 

New bill suspends time-barring of SKAT's recovery of debt for three years.

As a consequence of SKAT's problems with recovery of debt due to failing IT systems, including the EFI system which has been subject to extensive press coverage, the Danish parliament has adopted a bill concerning suspension of the time-barring of all debts recovered by SKAT.


Several detailed analyses of the functionality of SKAT's recovery systems have proved a number of serious and less serious errors, which have resulted in SKAT's wrongful recovery vis-á-vis some debtors. In addition, the analyses proved that the systems contain errors limiting the use of SKAT's recovery potential. A number of debts transferred to EFI are subject to uncertainty as to whether these debts are still enforceable and whether they have been calculated correctly or have been mixed together with other debts. The problems do not seem to end, and there is an acute need for a solution, which can rectify SKAT's insufficient, wrongful and incorrect recovery of debt to public authorities.

On 7 October 2015, a bill was introduced for the purpose of giving SKAT a break so that it may get an overview of the chaotic situation and find an effective solution without existing debts being forfeited due to time-barring. A new section 18 a will be inserted in the Act on recovery of debt:
Section 18 a. As regards debts, including interest, fees and other costs, subject to recovery with the debt recovery authority on 19 November 2015 or later, the period of limitation will start to run at the earliest from 20 November 2018.


The amendment will affect all enforceable debts to be recovered by SKAT, meaning that they are not time-barred on 19 November 2015 when the Act comes into force. The amendment concerns debts, including interest, fees and other costs, e.g. costs relating to enforcement proceedings. Both recovery of SKAT's own debts and debts transferred to SKAT under section 2 (3) of the Act on recovery of debt to public authorities are covered by the provision.


The provision is only important in relation to foreign debt being recovered in Denmark if the time-barring of the foreign debt is subject to Danish legislation on limitation. The provision is extended with the effect that it also applies to Danish claims for taxes and duties for recovery in another member state. However, the provision does not apply to foreign states' claims for taxes and duties being recovered by SKAT.

The provision does not imply that debts time-barred prior to the coming into force of the Act will revive.


The provision implies that time-barring of debt will be suspended in the period 19 November 2015 to 20 November 2018. This suspension will have the same effect as a suspension of the time-barring period, meaning that a new time-barring period will start to run after the suspension, and the duration of this period will be determined based on section 19 of the Limitation Act, i.e. corresponding to the original time-limit of the debt. This applies irrespective of whether the time-limit was originally 3, 5 or 10 years. The earliest date when time-barring occurs in relation to a debt covered by the Act is then 21 November 2021, unless actions have been taken prior to the expiry of the time-limit, which will once again suspend the time-barring.

After having discovered the errors in SKAT's system, SKAT has suspended the use of the automatic recovery and is now recovering debts manually. In addition to manual recovery being very demanding in terms of both time and resources, there is a risk of unintended time-barring as it is practically not possible to suspend the time-barring of all debts. The adoption of the bill will prevent additional unintended time-barring, which will limit the resulting reduced proceeds.


It is assessed in the bill whether the provision will administratively and financially affect the public and private sector, and it has been concluded that the only consequence will be that companies with debt to public authorities may experience that the debt is maintained for a longer time than according to the general rules on time-barring.

During the second reading in the parliament, the bill was criticised for having a number of problems of due process and for creating increased uncertainty for the citizens in relation to their financial situation. Further, there are concerns that SKAT must be allowed this possibility in order to avoid losses as a consequence of the time-barring of debt even though it is SKAT that has placed the citizens in this situation. The extended periods of limitation must not appear as a pretext for inaction postponing SKAT's solution to its problems.

Irrespective of the criticism, the bill was adopted unanimously by the attending members of parliament, and the provision will come into force on 19 November 2015.


100 days until the data protection regulation comes into force – are you ready?

14 February 2018

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Danish defence news: Offset collision and budget expansion ahead

5 February 2018

On 25 January 2018, the EU Commission opened infringement procedures against five member states including Denmark for not complying with the public procurement rules.

Unique cooperation between Horten and Symbion

5 February 2018

Horten has entered into unique cooperation with Symbion and Accelerace where we will make a team of lawyers available for start-up businesses at the shared office facilities Horten CoLab.

Two new specialised attorneys at Horten

31 January 2018

Horten has appointed two new specialised attorneys with strong business insight within municipal and administrative law and insolvency and bankruptcy law.

The Supreme Court: Board of directors liable in damages for continuing legal action

22 January 2018

The Supreme Court affirms: The board of directors in a company is liable in damages for the decision to continue legal action at a time when the company was no longer able to pay the costs to the opponent.

Four new partners at Horten

16 January 2018

With effect from 1 January 2018, Horten appointed Christian Tullberg, Kristoffer Westberg, Christina Steen and Niels Jørgen Oggesen as partners.

New Managing Partner at Horten

2 January 2018

Finn Schwarz, Attorney and Partner, has been appointed Managing Partner of Horten Law Firm as of 1 January 2018.

Self-damage is (still) not considered damage caused by a defective product according to product liability law

21 September 2017

On 13 September 2017, the Supreme Court dismissed a claim for compensation against a manufacturer of marine engines for a shipping company’s loss as a consequence of wear damage to the marine engines.

Supplier of components wins long-term arbitration case

23 August 2017

Horten has conducted and won a comprehensive international arbitration case on behalf of Bollfilter Nordic ApS. Bollfilter Nordic ApS is part of the German group BOLL & KIRCH Filterbau GmbH, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of filtration solutions, including to the maritime industry.

New rules on expert opinions

10 July 2017

On 1 July 2017, new rules on expert opinions in legal action came into force. Read more about the most significant changes brought about by the new rules.

New oil and gas strategy for the North Sea

4 July 2017

A new oil and gas strategy has been set out for the Danish part of the North Sea. The strategy was prepared in cooperation between the industry, the DEA and GEUS to ensure optimal exploitation of the Danish resources.

Horten advances in new Chambers and Legal 500 rankings

19 April 2017

In 2017, the leading international ranking agencies, Legal 500 and Chambers, are once again ranking Horten among the best law firms in Denmark.

Four new specialised attorneys at Horten

7 March 2017

Horten has appointed four new specialised attorneys having in-depth professional and commercial expertise within personal data law, environmental and planning law, energy and supply law and tax law.

Global Leaders in Law appoints Horten as exclusive partner for Denmark

10 January 2017

Global Leaders in Law, the leading global general counsel forum based in London, and Horten has announced partnership. Appointed as a global bronze partner, Horten will sponsor the activities of Global Leaders in Law in 2017.

New partners

4 January 2017

With effect from 1 January 2017, Horten appointed Lars Lüneborg and Julie Arnth Jørgensen as partners.

Competition law - Adoption of new rules on claims for damages

1 December 2016

The directive concerning damages to customers (and others) suffering a loss due to violation of the competition rules came into force in December 2014 (Directive 2014/104/EU). The directive is now being implemented into Danish law.

Horten advances to Tier 2 in the 2017 edition of ITR World Tax

8 November 2016

In the recently published ITR World Tax 2017 - a highly regarded global guide for leading tax advisors covering law firms and auditing companies - Horten has advanced to Tier 2.

New Advisory Board is to advise the government on a circular economy

2 November 2016

The government has set up an Advisory Board consisting of Danish business executives, who are going to advise the government on a circular economy thereby increasing enterprises' earning opportunities, promoting a more efficient utilisation of resources and minimising the environmental impact. The new measure was presented by the Minister of the Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen, and the Minister of Business and Growth, Troels Lund Poulsen.

Horten assists VPK Packaging Group with acquisition of Peterson Packaging

3 October 2016

On 3 October 2016, the Belgian packaging manufacturer VPK Packaging Group acquired the Norwegian Peterson Packaging A/S from Pemco A/S and Unitel A/S.

NETS awards shares to approx. 2,500 employees

30 September 2016

In connection with the recent IPO, NETS, the leading supplier of payment solutions, awarded a total of 400,000 shares to approx. 2,500 employees.

New partner

15 August 2016

Horten strengthens the partner group and the expertise within environmental and public law with the admission of partner Anne Sophie K. Vilsbøll.

New rankings from IFLR1000: Horten is still the leading law firm within energy and infrastructure

22 June 2016

Every year, the international directory IFLR1000 publishes a guide of the world's best law firms within energy and infrastructure. In the recently published guide, Horten is, like last year, rated as one of the country's best advisers within this area.

Waste suited for incineration is perhaps to be opened to competition

17 May 2016

On 13 May 2015, the Government published a proposal for alternative financing of the so-called PSO tax. The financing is to take place under the Budget instead of via the PSO tax. One of the initiatives is to open the waste energy production sector to competition

Gift policy

3 May 2016

With a conviction of bribery, your company risks having to wave goodbye to public orders due to the rules of the Procurement Act.

Municipalities cannot take out insurance covering volunteers - yet

2 May 2016

The Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior has put a - temporary - stop to the question whether municipalities can take out collective accident and liability insurance covering volunteers.

How to prepare and conduct a general meeting

11 April 2016

This article will answer the questions often asked when preparing a general meeting, which most municipal companies are required to hold annually.

Horten Corporate Day 2016 - Danish companies at the forefront

18 March 2016

At Horten's Corporate Day 2016 on 16 March, Danish and foreign executives and experts gave their views on the trends and opportunities of the Danish business sector. Horten will repeat the success next year with Horten Corporate Day 2017.

Public-private investments in Greenland

9 March 2016

On 26 February 2016, Horten and Nuna Law Firm hosted a conference with focus on public-private investments in Greenland.

Dispute concerning cost-free loan guarantees to two district heating companies may be brought before the Supreme Court

23 February 2016

State subsidies: A dispute concerning cost-free loan guarantees to two district heating companies may be brought before the Supreme Court, but the municipal initiatives should continue.

Ten things to know about the new water sector act

18 February 2016

The new Water Sector Act will come into force on 1 March 2016. What does the new Act imply? There are many major and minor amendments and, below, we will introduce you to ten of them.

Insurance broker avoided claim for compensation of more than DKK 1.7 million despite insufficient advice

18 February 2016

In a recent ruling, the Eastern High Court stated that insurance advice which is not in accordance with the Executive Order on the good practices of insurance brokers may form the basis of a claim for compensation.

After the legal action concerning road charges

12 February 2016

Road charges after the Supreme Court ruling - What should municipalities and supply companies be aware of?

The waste sector's role in a circular economy

21 January 2016

The development towards a circular economy requires major changes within the waste sector with focus on direct recycling, reuse and on complete removal of toxic materials. This is the assessment of the managing director of the Danish Waste Association, Jacob Hartvig Simonsen.