Recruitment process

Over the past several years, Horten has experienced growth despite the financial crisis. We are therefore very interested in hearing from you if you would like to become one of our new competent employees.

Application and interviews

You can apply for specific positions listed on our Danish website or forward an unsolicited application. At the moment, job advertisements are only listed on our Danish website. All applications - also unsolicited - must be sent electronically via our Danish website. In addition to a motivating application and a CV, you must also send diplomas, recommendations and other relevant material giving us an idea of who you are and your qualifications.

If your application is relevant, you will be invited to an interview and a test with our HR team and one or more partners. If the interest is mutual after the first interview, you will be invited to a second interview or offered a position with us.

It is very important to us that our interviews are based on dialogue and a positive atmosphere so that both parties have a satisfactory impression of each other. 

What is important to us?

We aim at providing the best solutions to our clients and, as in all advisory businesses, the employee is our most important asset. It is therefore decisive to our success to employ, retain and develop the right employees.

No matter which team you will be employed with, it is decisive that you have excellent legal skills. We want the best employees at all levels of the organisation, and we do not compromise on this demand.

A competent employee must, however, hold other qualities than excellent legal skills; your legal competencies cannot stand alone. When employing new employees, we therefore also make high demands on your personal competencies, professionalism, business understanding, ambitions, values, personality and commitment.

We spend quite a lot of time together and frequently cooperate across teams. It is therefore important that our employees fit in socially and contribute to the good Horten spirit. Our informal culture embracing diversity, our straight-forward and respectful tone and our prioritization that it has to be fun to go to work are unique within this business and something we cherish. You must therefore be able to regard this as a value to which you wish to contribute.

Recruitment profile for assistant attorneys

Each February and September, we employ new assistant attorneys. In this connection, room for diversity is important. Our recruitment profile describes the qualities which we consider specifically important when recruiting assistant attorneys. It is important to emphasise that you do not necessarily have to satisfy all requirements; the profile is a guide to what we consider important when assessing candidates.